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August Enso Painting and Mindful Movement Workshop

Join me in my garden studio to create a little tranquillity

Through gentle Qigong/Tai Chi warm up exercises and then try out some walking and standing meditation.

After a short break, we return to a calming place in our mind and body, being in the present moment, and create Zen circles, with traditional Chinese brushes, to gift to a friend or take home.

Guided instructions and demonstrations will be given. All art materials are supplied, just come along in loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes/trainers. No experience is necessary.

This year I will be offering 4 workshops: painting, a new Jute/Canvas bag, fan and a kids class.

These workshops are only offered once a year.

Places are limited, so please book early. You can contact me with any queries.



Comments from attendees

Emma D "It was such an enjoyable experience! Adele created a welcoming and calm setting for us in her beautiful garden. It was an intimate experience with a small group, as Adele guided us through meditation and Tai chi exercises to focus our energies.”

Harinder S "My sisters and I had a beautiful and calming afternoon where we learned to paint our own enso’s in this mindful class. Adele gently guided us through some centring Tai Chi movements, which were easy enough for a group of beginners. Having brought us to a mindful state, we created our enso’s using big brushes and silky black ink. If you are looking to reconnect with your creativity, I can’t recommend this class highly enough!"

Sharan R "The class was way more than I expected and I was blown away by Adele's skill and art form. We not only learnt about how to paint an Enso (Japanese artistic practice where you paint a circle in one brush stroke), we used the actual brushes and ink that are used for this ancient art form. Followed by using carved stone stamps to mark our unique pieces of work. And there's more, Adele taught us some qigong/tai chi movements throughout this intimate experience. It was more than a workshop. We were all able to reconnect with ourselves and as well as learn a beautiful art form."

Enso Paintings

An Enso, synonymous with a Japanese Zen circle and has its origins from Chinese Buddhism and Taoism, with its extensive connotations from a symbol of enlightenment to completeness and emptiness.

It is said that the artist’s heart and mind are captured in the present moment of the painted Enso and perhaps a reminder of impermanence once completed.

Artist Adele Cloony in her studio with 100 Days of Enso paintings

This simple but meaningful form has been the starting point for much of my work for many years, usually interconnecting many layers, in different mediums or colours - building on both physical paint layers and meanings to each series. Being a British born Chinese artist living in London, my contemporary artwork is an amalgamation of both my eastern and western influences,

It explores a non-linguistic expression with calligraphic gestural markings, embodying the essence of Taoist and Buddhist philosophies. Creating a visible manifestation of moving energy through the brush onto paper, where the movements of each mindful brushstroke are interconnected with the breath.

White Framed Enso paintings

These original gold and silver leaf and black ink paintings, were created mindfully, in a meditative and tranquil space, connecting mind, body and breath, evoking movement and energy.

The dynamic gestural strokes were painted using traditional Chinese calligraphic brushes onto natural linen or cotton canvas boards and completed with bespoke wooden frames to create these minimalistic contemporary artworks.

Black ink Enso paintings in bespoke wooden frames

Adele Cloony minimalistic monochrome artwork for sale

Created with traditional calligraphy brushes, these dynamic gestural strokes were directly painted on cotton canvases. Completed with bespoke black wooden frames, giving these artworks a contemporary feel, which are ready to hang in your home, office or studio.

Created mindfully, in a meditative and tranquil space, connecting mind, body and breath capturing 

movement and energy.

100 Days of Enso painting

All of these 100 Ensos are individually hand-crafted and are one of a kind.

10% of sales from this project will be donated to The Lelung Dharma Trust. This charity was founded by H.E. the 11th Lelung Rinpoche, who currently lives in London, devoting his time across several projects. 

These Ensos were collated during a project on Instagram #100dayensoadelecloony where an Enso a day was 

posted for one hundred days.


Kindred Spirit magazine
Enso Calligraphy

I hope you managed to read my two page article in Kindred Spirit about my journey with Internal martial arts and meaning of calligraphy and painting Enso circles.

You can always purchase a pdf copy by clicking the link.

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