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Latest Project

100 days of Enso Paintings


Swipe above and click image to have a peek at some of the 100 Ensos available in my new shop I created for this project, or click onto the store.


If you've been following me on Instagram #100dayensoadelecloony. . You might already know the individual one you have your eye on.

All of these 100 Ensos have been individually hand-crafted and are one of a kind, so don't miss out, once it sold, its gone... 

These Ensos were collated during a project on social media where an Enso a day was 

posted for one hundred days.

An Enso, synonymous with a Japanese Zen circle, has its origins from Chinese Buddhism and Taoism, with its extensive connotations from a symbol of enlightenment to completeness and emptiness.

It is said that the artist’s heart and mind are captured in the present moment of the painted Enso and perhaps a reminder of impermanence once completed.


This simple but meaningful form has been the starting point for much of my work for many years, usually interconnecting many layers, in different mediums or colours - building on both physical paint layers and meanings to each series. 

My artwork explores a non-linguistic expression with calligraphic gestural markings, embodying the essence of Taoist and Buddhist philosophies.


Creating a visible manifestation of moving energy through the brush onto paper,

where the movements of each mindful brushstroke are interconnected with the breath.

My contemporary artwork is an amalgamation of both my Eastern and Western

influences, being a British born Chinese artist living in London.

Artist Adele Cloony in her studio with 100 Days of Enso paintings


I'll be donating 10% of sales, of this project to The Lelung Dharma Trust, a charity, I usually donate to through volunteering, by teaching T'ai Chi or mindful movement classes, but these are sadly no longer available.


It was founded in 2000 by H.E. the 11th Lelung Rinpoche, who currently lives in London and devotes his time across several projects which you can read about on his website (under projects).

If you feel any of these resonate with you and you would like to make a personal donation for a specific one, you can do so on their webpage.

Thank you so much