© 2017 Adele Cloony


I am a British abstract artist of Chinese Malaysian heritage, living in London.

I initially studied and worked as a couture beadwork and embroidery designer and later in jewellery and silversmithing.

In the early nineties, I started training in Tai Chi and Internal martial arts and later, to improve my sword play, I embarked on learning Chinese calligraphy as an extension of moving energy. 

Born in London, I was not taught to read and write Mandarin and was actually refused traditional classes at first, but fortunately a kind lady suggested I took a Mandarin class alongside my painting classes and I was allowed to study!

There is a Tai Chi practitioner's metaphor of a silk thread unravelling, as the physical movements are practised, which is intentionally replicated in the continuity of mindful brushstrokes in my paintings.

I started to explore a non-linguistic expression, creating a visible manifestation of moving energy from myself through the brush onto the paper, where each brush movement and breath are interconnected, underlying my root concept of interdependence.

The majority of my work uses over-sized Chinese calligraphy brushes making gestural markings. These are related to deep concepts of energy and incorporating the essence of ancient philosophies in Taoism and Buddhism, which are embodied within the painting itself and the seed that lies at the core of my practice.

Each mindful brushstroke, representing the present moment - which once completed, is a reminder of impermanence and emptiness.

Continuing with these philosophical elements I am currently creating a new body of work echoing a more meditative practice.

I hope that you will make your own interpretation of my abstract expressions, looking internally, mindfully and absorbing the energy and spirit through the layers.